Musical Analysis of Nollywood’s “Eniola”

Adegoke Afe


This paper analyses the music of Eniola Ajao’s Eniola, a Nollywood film. Over the years in the movie industry, the application of music has been wrongly utilized; this has reduced the supposed value of music in most Nigerian movies. The paper employs descriptive method and draws on empirical knowledge based on meticulous note-taking on the musical theme while secondary data were collected through books, journals and the internet. The notational score of the musical theme was done for the purposes of analysis and documentation. The paper applies prefiguring theory as its theoretical framework which entails the use of music to predict dialogue and scenes in films as against the suspense factor. Findings show that, the musical theme in Eniola present viewers with no suspense factor. This enables viewers to be able to predict on the events in the film before they take place. The study concludes that the bane of prefiguring in the Nigerian film industry should be taken care of by the producers and directors in other to meet international standards. The study recommends that producers must be encouraged to have proper budgeting for the Musical aspect of their films, in order to enable them employ professional personnel for this part.


Musical theme, Nigerian movies, notational score, Nollywood, prefiguring theory

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