Ways of Doing Media Discourse Studies

Sade Olagunju PhD


The study explicates some basic concepts in media discourse analysis. It explains the differences between print and electronic media. The study also focuses on the study of newspapers reports to further illuminate the concept and also to enhance its understanding. The main function of media discourse is to influence mass audience through content-based information and evaluative data transmitted by media channels. Bell (1995:23) states that media are a rich source of readily accessible data for research and teaching. Media usage influences and represents people use of and attitudes towards language in a speech community. Media are presenters of culture, politics, and social life, shaping as well as reflecting how these are formed and expressed. Several studies exist on media discourse. However, some basic concepts and features of media discourse need further explication for pedagogical purposes. Media discourse studies is crucial for what it reveals about a society and for what it contributes to the character of society.  The work highlights several approaches to media discourse analysis and properties of mass media. It shows how media are powerful and important contributors to public knowledge and consciousness of some issues on human and national development.


Media discourse, media channels, content-based, newspapers reports, pedagogical

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