Regenerating Edo Proverbs in Child Upbringing: The Woman at the Epicentre

Azunmi Adokutu (Mrs), Babatunde Mustafa Ajadi


Child upbringing is generally regarded as the way a child is raised. It could also mean the lessons, instructions or the teachings a child receives from his/her parents and or adult members of the family while growing up. It is a truism that the way a child is brought up goes a long way in shaping the type of adult such a child eventually grows up to become in the society. This is why the importance of child upbringing cannot be over emphasized. It is in view of this, that this work examines the place of Edo proverbs in the upbringing of the child. Taking cognizance of the place of woman in raising a well behaved, balanced and total human being, the work took in-depth explanations on the woman (particularly Edo woman), the child, child upbringing and proverbs of the Edo people. It was concluded that, to enjoy a peaceful and humane society, parents, most especially the woman (as a result of her paramount role in raising a child), needs to inculcate proverbs in the upbringing of the child.


Proverbs, upbringing, child, Edo woman

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